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Zoomie Robot Dog – Zoomer’s pink new friend

Introducing Zoomer’s new pal, Zoomie. Zoomie is similar to Zoomer but she is pink, and obviously she is a girl.  Check out the hearts in her eyes, it’s enough to make your heart melt! She is also just a little bit more clever than Zoomer. Read on to find out why.

Zoomie Zoomer Pink Dog

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Zoomie is pretty in pink – a perfect gift for your little princess!

Zoomie is only available in the US at the moment, not the UK, and she is proving very popular.

Functionally, Zoomie is the same as Zoomer and has the same features as follows:

* Zoomie is multi-lingual.  She understands English, Spanish, French

* You can teach Zoomie over 60 tricks. In fact Zoomie knows FOUR extra tricks, making her a little more clever than Zoomer!

* The more you play with Zoomie the more she will learn.

* Zoomie’s eyes have tracking abilities in them helping her to “see you”

* Zoomie has sensors in her chest that allow her to know when she is near other objects, and she knows when you are tickling her tummy.

* Zoomie’s uniquely designed body means she can perform realistic dog like movements

* Zoomie wags her tail like a real dog

* Zoomie can handle walking on hard floors as well as carpets / rugs

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* Zoomie has her own personality, and really interacts with you, through her eyes, wagging tail and her different moods

* If Zoomie gets bored she might wander off on her own – she provides great entertainment value

* Throw Zoomie a ball and watch her play with it then try and teach her to fetch it for you

* There is a free app for both iOS and Android that you can download to help you train Zoomie (this is not compulsory)

* Charge Zoomie with the supplied USB cable, no expensive batteries to keep buying

(Some people have asked does Zoomie backflip too?  No – Zoomie does not flip like Teksta does.)

Tricks you can teach Zoomie include:

  • Sit
  • Lie Down
  • Play Dead
  • Roll Over
  • Shake paws
  • Give kisses

…and lots more.

Just like Zoomer, Zoomie also understands English, Spanish and French.  What a clever girl she is!

Zoomie just loves to have her tummy tickled, tell her to roll over so you can give her some extra special love and watch her respond with delight.  Look at her eyes light up with hearts, just for you, her special new owner!

She charges up just like Zoomer and comes with the same items – a USB cable, instruction and reference guide.

What little girl wouldn’t want to wake up to her very own pink Zoomie on Christmas morning?

Zoomie Zoomer Pink Dog

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