Zoomer Zuppies (Zoomer Puppy)

Recommended age: 5 to 10 years

Zuppies are the playful puppies with their own characters. If you are looking for something a little easier on the purse strings, then the range of Zoomer Zuppies could be what you need. 

With their own unique design and personality, each Zoomer puppy has something different to offer every child. Retailing around $50 they are a cheaper alternative to the bigger Zoomers and come in a range of colors and designs too. 

Each Zoomer pup has its own distinct look and character meaning it will display different emotions and moods. There a quite a few Zuppies to choose from so finding one to suit the recipient should be easy.

zoomer puppy love glam
zoomer puppy love princess

They all have articulated legs and rollers on their paws for ease of movement (manually controlled), interactive LED eyes that light up upon touch and they can play music and respond to touch. You can play games with every Zoomer puppy – games like Ping Pong, Bop It and Brick Breaker. The puppies can also perform tricks on demand and every puppy has their own trick that is unique to them. Please note that unlike the original and bigger Zoomer dog, the Zoomer Pups do not move independently, they must be pushed along. If you are looking for the big Zoomer see here. Here are some more fundamental differences between Zoomer and the Zuppies:

The Zuppies retail for around half the price of Zoomer

  • The Zuppies are a lot smaller than Zoomer, measuring roughly 4 x 6 x 6 inches
  • Because of their smaller size and lack of “independence” the battery life is longer. Many complaints about Zoomer were due to the frequent need to charge him up so batteries should last longer with the puppy range
  • Zoomer responds to voice commands but as already mentioned the Zuppies only respond to touch
  • The manufacturer’s recommended age is 5-10 years but we recommend Zoomer Zuppies for YOUNGER kids and the bigger Zoomers for older kids

Some of the Zuppies are part of the new “love” range which means that if you have two or more of the puppies from this range, they will interact with each other. Look for the love heart on the box. See a video demonstrating the love puppies interacting at the bottom of this page.

Good to know

  • Game mode – use the head sensor to scroll through the game options and press the nose to select a game to play
  • Tricks – make the Zoomer pups go cross eyed, make them tell you they love you and even blow you a kiss
  • They can demonstrate emotions – happy, sad, annoyed

The Zuppy "love" range

  • Auto mode – in this mode the Zuppy love puppy will make noises all by itself
  • Toy mode – the Zuppy love puppy will love to chew on their accessory – every pup comes with their own interactive toy
  • Guard mode – in Guard mode the Zuppy love puppy will bark when they sense any movement in front of their chest
  • Teasing mode and Training mode
  • Capable of interacting with other puppies from the “love” range (see video at bottom of page)

Each pup requires three AAA batteries. Check out the full puppy range here or read on for an overview of the current range of Zuppies.


The current retail price (March 2020) is around $40 and the prices vary depending on the particular puppy you choose. Check the current retail prices for the available puppies by clicking here.


The Zoomer Zuppies do not move on their own, so are limited in their interaction and rely on the child’s imagination although they do come with games to play and the limbs are poseable. They come in a variety of colours to suit boys and girls and are easier on the pocket than the bigger Zoomer dog toy.  We think the Zoomer pups suit younger children because they are limited in functionality and an older child may tire of them more quickly than a younger child. Having said that, there is such a large range to choose from which make these pups appealing.

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