Recommended age: 5 to 7 years

Zoomer Kitty is the feline alternative to Zoomer the dog. Similar in design and features, by making use of the built-in sensors you can expect the following from these cats:

  • Pounce mode – watch her pounce
  • Cuddle mode – the kitties love cuddle time and will snuggle in and purr affectionately
  • Play mode – your kitty will sing and dance and perform tricks
  • Interactive accessory – each kitty comes with a ball toy that they will interact with in play mode

Below are details of four different cats you can find in different colors. Pick the one that suits your little girl or boy the best. The batteries in the Zoomer kitties are rechargable with the supplied USB cable, so unlike the original Zoomer robot dog, you don’t need to buy separate batteries.

Kitty Midnight
Kitty Whiskers
zoomer kitty bella - toy robots review
Kitty Bella
zoomer kitty black and white
The original Zoomer Kitty
Each Zoomer Kitty loves attention and will play with you and roll alongside you. They also love to interact with the individual toy that is included with each Kitty. The eyes change colour to tell you what kind of mood the Kitty is in. For instance, in pounce mode the eyes will go yellow. The touch sensors in the face and head allow you to pet Kitty and be rewarded with contented purrs.


These Zoomer Kitties are out of stock in most places now and have been replaced with the Zoomer Meowsies so we can’t put accurate pricing information here. Following the links in each of the above images will take you to Amazon to see if they are available and pricing at the time.


Zoomer Kitties are not furry and cuddleable, but they are cute and have their own characters.  The battery charges quickly and lasts between thirty minutes and an hour depending on how intense the play is. A few parents have commented on the loud miaowing so there may be sighs of relief when the battery does run out! If you can get a Zoomer Kitty for under $40 it would be a nice gift for young children.


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