The race to become top dog is now on between Zoomer (and Zoomie) themselves because now there is another Zoomer Robot Dog to choose from.

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Zoomer Gift Set with Ball and Jacket

This is Zoomer as we all know and love him, but this Zoomer comes with a hot red varsity jacket and an inflatable ball.

We were wondering if SpinMaster were going to release a version of Zoomer with some accessories.  After all, most other robot dog toys come with something such as a ball or a bone.  Up until now the only accessory that you could get with Zoomer was his purple jacket.

Zoomer Gift Set with Ball

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Perhaps catching onto this, a Zoomer Gift Set is now available.

Everything you already know about Zoomer is the same – he can do the same tricks, he is a black and white Dalmation (under his jacket) but now he comes with this new jacket, and a red ball to play with.  The ball is inflatable.

We think this version of Zoomer will appeal to sporty types and people who like the colour red.  After all, it is just an inflatable ball – in theory Zoomer, or pink Zoomie could play with any inflatable ball if you had one lying around.

The ball and bone that Teksta comes with are magnetic so obviously are designed specifically to work with Teksta and if you happened to have a ball and bone lying around at home, they would not work with Teksta.

But this ball that comes with the red Zoomer gift set is just that – a ball.  We see no reason why you need to get this, unless you are into sports.

Having said that for just a few more $ you do get the ball, and the red jacket is pretty neat.  Is it nicer than the purple hoody?  That’s down to you to decide.

So, with this Zoomer gift set now out and pink Zoomie girl dog available, the choice for top Zoomer Dog just got a little harder.

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