Teksta or Zoomer  – who is TOP DOG?

The two most popular robot dogs are fighting it out head to head to become the top robot dog toy of Christmas 2013.

Quick comparison table

n.b. prices quoted are the cheapest on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk at the time of writing.

Price US/CDN$$94.98$99.99 / $114.99
Price GBP ££82.80£55.45
Colour optionsBlack & White
Pink (Zoomie)
Recommended age5+5+
Free iOS / Android Apps Available?YesYes
Doggie Accessories IncludedVariesBone and ball
PowerUSB chargeable battery (included)4 AA batteries (not included)

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Teksta robotic puppy has been around since 2000 when it was originally launched as Tekno. Teksta was revamped for 2013 and can now perform more actions and is fully interactive with the free downloadable iPad app.  The app is not compulsory which is a good thing.

We think one of the coolest things that Teksta can do is to perform a full 360 degree backflip.  You can see Teksta doing this flip in the videos at the bottom of the page.

One of the coolest features of Zoomer is that he understands English, Spanish and French. Furthermore, the UK version understands Russian.  Okay!

Zoomer robot dog was launched in August 2013 by Spin Master and they claim he is “your new best friend” and “the most technologically advanced robotic dog ever made”. Large claims indeed, can a robot dog toy really live up to that?  Some of the demos we have seen show you having to repeat commands more than once to get Zoomer to obey, but to be fair that is the same with all robot dogs we have seen.  But in Zoomer’s case it is more to do with his personality. In fact, if the mood takes him Zoomer will completely ignore you and wander off by himself – very much like a real dog!

Common features

Zoomer and Teksta are both voice activated and fully interactive. They both learn commands. Their eyes light up in different patterns to indicate different modes or moods. Neither of them will shed hair, eat your dinner or land you with expensive vet bills.

Colour choices

Teksta is available in blue or pink – not that original, but does the job all the same.  Blue for a boy and pink for a girl, or in today’s modern world the other way around.  At least there is a choice.

pink or blue


Zoomer comes in his original black & white and also now in purple and with a purple hoody.

Update: Since writing this, there are a few more variations of Zoomer. There is a gift set that comes with a jacket and a ball, and also a new girl version of Zoomer has been released, called Zoomie.  You can find information on all of these variations on this site.

Zoomer with Hoodie Purple Zoomer








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Buyer Reviews

Teksta seems to get very mixed reviews.  There have been a lot of buyers reporting that Teksta stopped working after a day or two and had to be returned while others seem to get on with him just fine.  The bad reviews do seem to outrank the good reviews.  The only good thing about this “negative” is that if you buy from Amazon their returns policy is second to none, so if you did have problems you could return it, but of course that is not the point.

Having said that, Teksta is on Hamley’s top 10 Christmas gifts for 2013. Read more reviews on Teksta here.

Zoomer gets better reviews but he is newer and is being marketed very aggressively by SpinMaster so it could just be that more people are aware of Zoomer and happen to be leaving reviews. Read more reviews on Zoomer here.

Dog Toys / Accessories Included

Teksta comes with his own bone which is magnetic and he “eats it” when you hold it to his mouth, and also a ball which he can chase.

Original, Purple Zoomers: no accessories

Zoomie Zoomer: no accessories

Hoody Zoomer: comes with a purple hoody

Zoomer Gift set: comes with a red jacket and an inflatable ball



In our opinion, Zoomer robot dog has the edge on Teksta, but only just.  We really like the iPad interaction with Teksta and the fact he can do a backflip, but the bad reviews put us off slightly. The feature that Zoomer has that we really like is his ability to understand Spanish and he seems to have more character in the way he nips around on his wheels and wags his tail.

If you still haven’t made up your mind, maybe the videos below will help.

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Teksta and Zoomer Videos

Teksta Robotic Puppy Television Commercial


Teksta Robotic Puppy Instruction Video


Zoomer Robot Dog Television Commercial


Zoomer Robot Dog Demo Video

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  1. pete

    No contest here guys. One is OBVIOUSLY way more fun than the other. Anyone want to guess who I’m talking about?

  2. Anonymous

    Do you mean Teksta maybe Pete

    1. Bolt

      Good good Teksta has NO breakdowns he backflips this “zoomer” doesn’t so it has to be Teksta

  3. laryy

    no idiot tell us we cant read minds

  4. Miko

    I think Zoomer is way better and beats Teksta by miles… I have Zoomer and my friends have a Teksta. It is a lie that Teksta understands voice commands and it has to be controlled by visual, hand commands. It is very hard to teach Teksta tricks. Tekstas backflips are also not 360 but about 340 as it always lands on its neck/head. Zoomer is way better than Teksta. Beats it by MILES!!!

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