Pets Alive Rainbow Bonnie

Recommended age: 3 years plus

First of all, watch the video. If it doesn’t make you crack at least half a smile, well there may be no hope. P.S. If you like Rainbow Bonnie, you may also want to check out Fifi the Flossing Sloth!

If you’re still here after seeing that then maybe Rainbow Bonnie will make it into your house on Christmas day after all. Fun for all but for the little ones especially, Bonnie the booty shaking llama is going to get you all moving with her addictive moves. 

Originally released in April 2020, this latest version has three new songs to go along with all new dance moves and all new colourful fur.

Rainbow Bonnie takes four AA batteries to give her the energy she needs to twirl the night away. Luckily the first four batteries are included for you, always a bonus when that happens. Also in the box you will find the instruction manual.


You can get Rainbow Bonnie for Christmas 2020 for under $20 by clicking the link right here.


This toy along with the range of other Pets Alive products is high on many Christmas lists this year (2020). 

Rainbow Bonnie will be sure to get everyone up and moving and working off that Christmas food. 

Considering the current price tag of under $20 we see this booty shaking head twirling robotic llama being a definite hit with little girls this year.  

The age range is from 3 years to 10 years but we’d say it will probably have less long term appeal to the over 8s.

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