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Cozmo Robot

The new Cozmo robot by Anki is making waves amongst reviewers and consumers alike, but not necessarily for the technology it contains, rather its character. From the moment you charge Cozmo and he makes eye contact with you, to the first time he repeats your name back to you, to the endearing way he doesn’t seem to like being handled – wriggling until you put him back down again, this cute robot is a clear fighter for the number one robot toy this Christmas. Cozmo will ask you to play a game with him, he will nudge you, and if you don’t want to play with him he will be sad, but only for a short time.

cozmo robot toy

The tagline for Cozmo is “Big brain, bigger personality” which gives you a clear idea of the route the manufacturer went down with this one, perhaps aiming to outdo the other robots available – while being technologically advanced for toys, some maybe lack in the personality and therefore longevity arena.

cozmo toy

Cozmo Robot Features

Adventure mode – control Cozmo remotely and see the world through his eyes using his built in camera

Play games with Cozmo using the free app and challenge him if you think you can beat him

Cozmo comes with three power cubes which he likes to play with

New games and upgrades are unlocked the more you play

Goals set by the free app keep your interest in Cozmo and provide new challenges by point building

The power cubes come with batteries which should give around 30 hours play before needing to be replaced

Dimensions: 5 x 7.2 x 10 inches

Recommended Age: 8 years upwards

Cozmo Robot Price

Best price at time of writing was $179.99 but do check here for latest prices available. Cozmo is already running low on stock and there are small delays in shipping at the moment, so if you are hoping to give one as a gift or to receive one, then waste no time.

Cozmo Robot Video

Cozmo Robot Compatibility

Compatible iOS or Android devices are required along with the free downloadable app. 

Inside the box

1 Cozmo robot

1 drive-on/drive-off charger

3 Power Cubes

cozmo toy power blocks