Zoomer Robot Dog – Purple Zoomer or Hoodie Zoomer

If you are loving Zoomer the robot dog then you should take a look at the new versions available.

One of the versions is a totally purple Zoomer.  See the picture below and you will notice he has a patterned collar on him now.

We’re not sure about the color choice, but have to say that purple Zoomer doesn’t seem to have lost any of his charm, even with the new paint job.  Even though purple isn’t the best colour, it is good for boys and girls alike, and there is still something very endearing about his face and overall character.  If you are looking for something with a difference then the purple Zoomer Robot Dog could be for you.

 Purple Zoomer

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Alternatively, if you are also not completely sold on the purple Zoomer Dog then there is a middle ground.

Introducing Hoody Zoomer, the original black and white Dalmation, but he comes with a hoodie!  And yes, it is purple…I guess Spin Master like purple.  Hoody Zoomer is now available in the UK.


Hoody Zoomer


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So there we have it – a few different versions of the original Zoomer Robot Dog.


Also available:

Zoomie Zoomer Zoomer Gift Set

Functionally, all  Zoomer toys are exactly the same:

  • Charge your Zoomer by USB
  • Fully interactive – Zoomer will respond to your voice and actions such as tickling his tummy
  • Zoomer is tri-lingual – he understands Spanish, French and English (UK version also understands Russian)
  • Zoomer is very trainable, they more you play with him the more he can learn and the more tricks he can perform
  • There is a free app available on Android and iOS – this will give you some hints and tips on how to train Zoomer



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