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So the kids want a pet dog but you don’t want the expense or the commitment – not to mention the hair?  Then a robot dog toy could be the perfect compromise. It won’t need to be walked on rainy days, it won’t cost you a fortune at the vets and it definitely won’t eat your dinner while you are not looking! The two dogs fighting it out this Christmas are still Zoomer and Teksta – but who will be top dog? With the Zoomer dog range expanding rapidly there is more choice than ever with the  new smaller Zuppies and the bigger Zoomer dogs. Here you will find information to help you decide which toy is right for you, where to buy them, and at the bottom of this page is a comparison table with some of the other robot dog toys that are available too!

New Zoomer Dogs – Introducing Shadow and Bentley

The latest additions to the Zoomer dog family are Shadow and Bentley – two of Zoomer’s best friends! Check them out and see more pictures by clicking on their photos below.

zoomer dog bentley  zoomer dog shadow

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Zoomer Robot Dog – your interactive, tail wagging best friend

Zoomer robot dog is a new voice activated robot dog toy froSpinMaster.  A cute robotic Dalmation, the original “Zoomer Pup” was unveiled at the major toy fairs in 2013, and has proved a big hit with children and adults alike.  Originally, he was available in black & white only then along came Zoomer in purple, as part of a sporty gift set  and a girl version called Zoomie.

More recently,Shadow and Bentley are the latest arrivals and if you have younger children or a smaller budget then there is also the Zuppies range.

They are all meant to behave in the same way – the only difference is that the girl version has four extra tricks that she can learn. Who says girls aren’t more clever?!

One of the biggest benefits of Zoomer is that he understands SPANISH and FRENCH, as well as English!  The UK version of Zoomer also understands Russian. How’s that for clever? This is very educational. Languages are a fantastic skill to have and anything that helps your child to learn another language and encourages them to do so in a fun way has to be a good thing.

You can read more customer reviews on Zoomer here.

One of the neat things about Zoomer is that he has his own personality. You can teach him his name, but whether he will always come to you when he is called just depends on what kind of mood he is in at the time. He might obey you and come when called, or he might wander off on his own! Keep an eye on Zoomer when he decides to explore on his own, he might decide to cock his leg on your furniture…seriously! This is what makes Zoomer so much fun, he really seems to be alive.

Zoomer Robot Dog – features

Zoomer Robot Dog Poses

* Zoomer is multi-lingual.  He understands English, Spanish, French and the UK version also understands Russian

* You can teach Zoomer over 60 tricks (including going to the toilet, he is a boy so he cocks his leg!)

* The more you play with Zoomer the more he will learn.

* Zoomer’s eyes have tracking abilities in them helping him to “see you”

* Chest sensors allow him to know when he is near other objects, and he knows when you are tickling his tummy. He loves his tummy being tickled!

* Zoomer’s uniquely designed body means he can perform realistic movements

* Zoomer wags his tail like a real dog

* He can handle walking on hard floors and carpets / rugs

* There is a free app for both iOS and Android that you can download to help you train Zoomer (this is not compulsory)

* Zoomer has a personality, and really interacts with you, through his eyes and his different moods

* If Zoomer gets bored he might wander off on his own – he provides great entertainment value

* Throw him a ball and watch him play with it then try and teach him to fetch it for you

* Charge Zoomer with the supplied USB cable, no expensive batteries to keep buying

(Some people have asked does Zoomer backflip too?  No – Zoomer does not flip like Teksta does.)

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Zoomer can be charged up via any USB port with the supplied USB cable. It takes up to an hour to fully charge him and you need to charge him before first use.


Zoomer has a realistic price tag – the RRP is $99 – making this little dog accessible to anybody and it is sure to be a must have on many Christmas lists this year.

Zoomer Robot Dog Sitting

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Robot dog toy comparison table

What makes a dog toy a robot dog toy?  We pondered this and decided that if a dog can interact with you (walk, bark, wag its tail and so on) in any way (wirelessly or via remote control) then it is a robot dog toy and have included it in the table below.  If you don’t think they are all strictly robot dogs, please don’t shout, it’s just our subjective opinion! $ Under $50 $$ $50 – $149 $$$ $150 – $300 $$$$ $301 upwards The ratings have been taken from Amazon.com and are based on the number of reviews available at the time of writing.  The table is sortable by column.

NameImageMinimum Rec. agePrice guide (see key)Amazon rating
TeknoTekno Robot3$$$3.5 / 5
ZoomerZoomer5$$4.2 / 5
Glitter Go GoGlitter Go Go4$$4.4 / 5
TekstaTeksta5$$3 / 5
SmartpetSmartPet12$$3.5 / 5
F.I.D.O.F.I.D.O.3$4 / 5
WowWee Wrex the Dawg Robotic DogWrex the Dawg8$$$3.7 / 5
FurReal Walkin' PuppiesFurReal Walkin' Puppy4$$4 / 5
Build Your Own Robo PupRobo Pup6$2 / 5
AIBOAIBO8$$$$5 / 5


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